JKA Shotokan Alliance

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  • 9/10/22: Please join us at our new location: 527 40th St. Union City, NJ!  At this point we are training just once per week on Saturdays.  We hope to start training twice per week in the near future.    
  • 10/2/22: No training Saturday, 10/8/22.  Will resume training on 10/15/22. 


How we train:

Training focuses on three categories: 1) Basics (Kihon); 2) Sparring (Kumite); 3) Forms (Katas).   Each session typically lasts about one hour.  Students should expect to learn a number martial art techniques, high intensity aerobic workout, disciplined group exercises, stretching and meditation.

  • Kihon consists of technical movements derived from Katas and is the foundation of all trainings.  In Kihon training we focus heavily on technical details to generate power, balance and speed to each movement.  
  • Kumite is putting into motion the movements learned in Kihon practiced with an opponent.  Beginner students practice coordinated 5 or 3-steps sparring (San-bon Kumite); whereas Advanced students practice Jiyu-Ippon or Jiyu Kumite which are free sparring.    
  • Katas involve choreographed Kihon movements simulating a combat against multiple opponents. (Please go to "Videos" to see Katas performed by JKA instructors.)  


Takeshi Kawase (川瀬剛史)JKA 2nd Dan; Certified Class D Instructor. (Please see PHOTOS/Certification)